Painting Interior

Are you ready for a refresh?!

Painting Exterior

Offering painting services for your condo and cottages to keep them clean and pretty. 

Color Change

We have the latest colors, the best paints, give us a call to plan your color flip! 

Purely Porcelain

This home was last updated in the 80s. 

Coastal Cottage Painting provided painting services and significant drywall repair with the elimination of dated fixtures and adding new modern pieces 

to provide a true Gulf beach retreat.  

Spring Refresh

Pressure washing and fresh white paint transforms any area into a springtime oasis for all your guests. 

Sleeping in the Sea

This dramatic color provides a fresh, tranquil bedroom suite pulling the Sea even closer into the room. 

Sunshine Study

Dated comfort is transformed with crown molding and drywall repairs as the new color invigorates this office space. 

Barely Beige

An older kitchen is no longer dated 

with the beige complimenting the cabinets 

and creating a clean and welcoming kitchen space. 

Bright Butter

Paint is one of the most affordable and impacting choice, turning spaces into modern, approachable, and comfortable homes. 


A softer, richer color flip 

compliments the existing fixtures and cabinets.