Deck Repairs

Deck Restorations

C3 offers a revolutionary decking product that can transform decks that are 20 or 30 years old. 

A premium technology offers transparent to semi-solid colors to match any deck style and coloring. 

Ideal for NW Florida's Gulf climate. 

+ Water Repellent

+ Mildew Resistant

+ Fade Resistant

+ UV Protection

+ Durability

Deck Repairs
Deck Repairs
Deck Transformations

The BEFORE picture on the left shows the repairs made and the normal wear and tear on this 1980s deck near the Bay. The AFTER picture shows how the C3 technology matches all the wood, erasing damage and discolorations in the wood. Protecting the new looking deck with Water Resistant and UV Technology. 

C3 Deck Transformations are affordable and will greatly extend the life of your deck areas. This technology protects wood from harsh ultraviolet rays, resists alga and mildew growth and sheds rainfall. Over 50 colors to choose from. 

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