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Spring Savings

April 30, 2017

How green is your home?

The easiest areas for green living include:

1. Lighting: Switching to LED or other energy-saving lighting systems can save you a lot of green. The costs of LEDs has decreased and the product options have increased. Maximize natural lighting by using skylights.

2. Waste:

Recycling, reusing and reducing materials can greatly decrease your trash fees and shopping trips.

3. Maintenance:

Regular maintenance of your appliances will keep emergency failures and repairs less frequent. Changing filters regularly is a low cost way to keep optimal air flow and air quality. 

Keep your environmental impact low.

Resources have associated costs. As we shrink our resources being used, the costs will be lowered. Green steps will lower your cost of living, and  also lower our environmental footprint. Sustainable living = reduced costs = less spending. Let sustainable living work for you!

Pressure Washing

Spring Cleaning After May Showers

May 21st, 2017

Walking around the area you’ll see the green and black mold and yellow and red pollen residue of winter and spring. Professional pressure washing prevents further mold growth. It will reduce the allergens around your home and office and keep them from being tracked indoors.

Properties for rent or sale look new with C3’s spring pressure washing services. Nothing is more inviting then clean outdoor spaces. Let us get the cleaning done so you can relax and enjoy the Gulf life!

Want to include professional pressure washing in your spring cleaning routine in the Walton County area? Call 850-842-9019 or [email protected]

Pressure Washing

Sign Restorations

February 12th, 2019

Signs are the first impression to neighborhoods. We can take old , neglected signs and make them very inviting to your community!

The restored sign on the right after years of dirt build up and moss growth. 

Call us for your sign restorations before our Spring Break visitors arrive. 

Call 850-842-9019 or [email protected]